The History of Boy Scout Troop 226

In late 1953, Ralph Peters, his son Lorin, and some other boys, sought to join Boy Scout Troop 220 of Walnut Creek. Troop 220 was chartered by the Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church and met at the Church. Dan Condit who was the scoutmaster of Troop 220 suggested that Ralph form another Troop because Troop 220 was too large.

On November 10, 1953, Troop 226 was chartered by the Boy Scouts of America Mount Diablo Council. The charter organization was the Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church. Ralph Peters was the first Scoutmaster. He served two separate terms as scoutmaster, 1953 to 1955 and later 1963 to 1965.

The Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church had two Boy Scout Troops: Troop 220 and Troop 226. Later on the Church also sponsored an Explorer Post, Post 226. Troop 220 dissolved in the early 1980’s and the Explorer Post 226 also disbanded.

Troop 226 continued and has existed for over 60 years. Quite an accomplishment when you consider all of the changes that have occurred in our community in 50 years. Troop 226 was sponsored by the Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church until 1999 when the expanding youth programs at the Church used up all of the rooms and times for church activities.

The Troop moved to Buena Vista Elementary School and met in the multipurpose room from 1999 to 2002. The Troop's Parent Committee provided the sponsorship for the Troop.

In 2002 a member of the Saint Luke’s Lutheran Church knocked on the door of one our Assistant Scoutmaster’s, Charlie Joyce, and wanted to talk to neighbors about the Church. Charlie asked the parishioner if they would entertain the idea of the Church sponsoring a Boy Scout Troop. In summer of 2002 Boy Scout Troop 226 started meeting at St Luke’s Lutheran Church, in the Fellowship Hall where we are today. St. Luke’s is the registered Chartering Organization for Troop 226 with the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council.

Troop 226 has gained a reputation as a canoeing troop. The back of the Troop T-Shirts says: ‘Walnut Creek River Rats.”

Troop 226 has been active in Community Service Projects either as part of Eagle Scout projects or as a part of our effort to instill a sense of community with our Scouts. We have helped our Sponsor with Youth Fingerprint Program, Sunday Services on Scout Sunday, and a pancake breakfast for the Church, and construction of storage shelves.

Troop 226 has had the pleasure of being led by 20 Scoutmasters. Troop 226 is proud to have 82 Boy Scouts who have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Less than 4% of Scouts ever reach that rank in Scouts. Troop 226 has a much higher percentage of their scouts achieve that rank due to the fine advancement program and encouragement from the Troop.

Troop 226 has at least one activity every month. We have more than 10 days of camping per year. Recently we have started a tradition of holding a “fun” outing once a month for the troop meeting. Some examples have been golf at the driving range, go carts at Boomers Recreation Park, and meeting in the park on warm summer evenings.

Troop 226 Scouts participate in summer camp every year. Usually we spend a week at camp Wolfeboro on the banks of the Stanislaus River near Bear Valley, off Highway 4. We alwaystry to go snow skiing or boarding in the winter. Every couple of years we go to Boys Scouts of America’s camp Philmont in New Mexico for some real High Adventure Scouting.

In keeping with tradition, we canoe with the Salmon on the American River, in Sacramento each year. During November, the salmon are swimming up stream and the American River is full of fish returning to their home waters. It is an incredible sight. The fish practically jump in the canoe. They are all over the place.

The Boy Scouts of America are over 100 years in existence; we are 61 years as a Troop. Some great traditions have been established. We're aiming for another 50 years, see you then!


Mt. Diablo 	Silverado Council Patch
Mt. Diablo Silverado Council

2018 Camp Dates

Camp Wolfeboro
July 21-28, 2018

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