Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Eagle Scout Candidates

How big is the troop?

The troop currently has 39 scouts. The optimum size for the troop is between 35-40 scouts. As the boys reach the rank of Eagle Scout and graduate, we look forward to accepting new scouts to maintain the size and quality of our program

How often do you go camping?

We try to have at least one campout a month. We also spend a week at Camp Wolfeboro each year. We also try to offer an additional week at another Scout camp (i.e. Camp Cherry Valley on Catalina Island) or High Adventure Camp (i.e. Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico)each year.

What other activities do you do?

The troop does a variety of activities. No one activity dominates our program. The troop has participated in various field trips (i.e. tour of the Coast Guard base on Yerba Buena Island with a ride on a cutter out to the Golden Gate; a tour and ride on the Alameda County Sheirff's patrol boat; a tour of KTVU channel 2's studios; tour of the NUMNI plant). We try to do at least one canoeing trip a year. The troop's favorite is canoeing down the American River while the salmon are swimming upstream to spawn. We frequently do community service projects. These have included acting as judges for the California Truckers Association's annual truckers rodeo, acting as victims and applying moulage for the Walnut Creek Community Emergency Response Team Drill, pancake breakfasts for the parishioners of St. Luke's, Veterans Day ceremony at Valley View Lodge, and flag ceremonies for Walnut Creek (Memorial Day, City Council Meeting, etc..)

Does the Troop have an active outdoor program?

The program varies each year depending on the scouts interest, but have included bicycle rides, day hikes, backpacking treks, canoe trips, fishing, skiing and lots of Fun!

Do I have to go on all the camp-outs or activities?

We encourage scouts to attend as many of the activities that they can, but we know that everyone has other competing interests such as school, church and sports, so no extra outdoor activities are mandatory unless the scout wants to earn advanced ranks and leadership positions.

Does the troop have an initiation fee?

The troop charges $25 for an initiation fee. The troop provides the troop t-shirt, scout handbook, troop scarf, slide, unit number patch and a binder for the scouts to keep track of their progress for this fee.

Does the troop do fundraisers?

The troop no longer does regular fundraisers! We may do an occassional fundraiser to help cover the costs for some of the more expensive camps that we go to (i.e. Philmont Scout Ranch, Cherry Valley Scout Camp).

What is NYLT?

NYLT is National Youth Leadership Training (also referred to as Brownsea Training, John Muir Training and Baden Powell Training). We highly recommend this course for all scouts who are eligible (13 years old and 1st Class Scout). Scouts learn how to lead, communicate and work with other youth who don't know each other. The troop reimburses the Scout (parents) for the cost of the course once all course requirements have been met.


Mt. Diablo 	Silverado Council Patch
Mt. Diablo Silverado Council

2018 Camp Dates

Camp Wolfeboro
July 21-28, 2018

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