FAQ for Eagle Scouts

When can I start?

As soon as you are a Life Scout, you may start looking for a project. You do not have to have completed all 21 merit badges before you do this. You should aim for this while you're a sophomore in high school? Why do you want to do this while you're a sophomore? Keep in mind that anything can go wrong and if you're trying to do this just before you're 18 you may be out of luck if something goes wrong and you don't complete your project.

How do I start?

You start the process by notifying Ray Winter that you will be attending the Life to Eagle meeting that is held on the first Wednesday of each month at the LDS Church at 100 North Gate Road in Walnut Creek. You must notify Mr. Winter that you will be attending by calling him 925-945-6162 or sending him an email rwintermdsc@earthlink.com.

Where do I find a project?

Check with the school that you attend or have attended. Most churches have projects that can be completed as an Eagle project. Check with the parks near where you live. East Bay Regional Parks, Borges Ranch, Mt. Diablo State Park, John Muir National Monument, Point Pinole Regional Park are examples of some places you can contact. The Walnut Creek CERT teams have all sorts of Eagle projects available.

How do I keep track of the hours?

Use the project tracking log. This easy to use Excel spreadsheet will help you keep track of the hours and is available for download on our forms page (you can also just click on the red link in this paragraph). You should round to the nearest half hour.

Whose time do I keep track of?

You count everyone's time that you talk to. If your parent(s) need to drive you somewhere their time counts as well as the time of anyone you talk to. If you talk to someone on the phone regarding your project their time is counted. For example, if you attended the Life to Eagle meeting, you would count for 1.5 hrs. Mr. Winter would count for 1.5 hrs and if your parent drove you to the meeting they would count for 1.5 hours. For this one meeting you will have already accumulated 4.5 hours for your project.

Can I do a fundraiser?

The short answer is no! The long answer is yes, if you are fundraising to purchase supplies for a non-profit organization.

Now that I have a project, what do I do next?

Contact your Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, or the troop's Eagle Advisor for help. You will need to write up your Eagle Project following the procedures in the Eagle Project Workbook. Once you have your draft completed you need to provide it to your Scoutmaster, your Eagle Advisor, and any other adults who are willing to help you review it. This needs to take place a minimum of 14 days prior to the date when you present it to the Iron Horse District Project Boards. You will need to get approvals from your Scoutmaster, the Organization you're doing the project for, the troop committee and the Iron Horse District.

A sample of the timeline.

Anytime - Organization Approval
Last Wed. of Prior Month - Draft to Scoutmaster, Eagle Advisor review
1st Tues of the Month - Troop Committee Approval
1st Wed. of the Month - Project to Project Board Chair
3rd Wed. of the Month - IH Project Board Approval

This timeline will work if everything is in order. If anything is wrong you will probably have to wait another month, because the troop committee and project boards only meet once a month! You must have the district board's approval before you can start! Use this timeline to set up a schedule for yourself.

Your project needs to be sent to the Iron Horse District project board chair by the 1st Wednesday of the month Mark Paulson eagleworkbook@gmail.com 925-939-7646.

How much information should I put in the project write-up?

The write-up should contain enough information that if you are not there, any first class scout can pick up your project write up and complete your project.

The project is done, what's next?

You need to document the results of the project. What went wrong? What went right? This is all part of your final evaluation of the project. You will need to prepare a statement of your life's goals and religious beliefs. Both of these documents need to be at least one page typed. You will need to ask people for letters of recommendation (parents, church, employer (if any), school, and two other people). All of this needs to happen before your 18th birthday. You will need a scoutmaster conference as well. This is when you need to fill out the Eagle application. You will need to contact the troop's advancement chair to get a copy of your scouting history. Meet with Mr. Gee to review your binder before you turn it in to Mr. Bishop. You can find all of the information you need to complete your Board of Review in this file.

Iron Horse District Eagle Project Contacts

Life to Eagle - Ray Winter 925-945-6162 rwintermdsc@earthlink.com

Project Boards - Mark Paulson 925-939-7646 eagleworkbook@gmail.com

Eagle Boards of Review - Gordon Bell

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